SEO Methodology | SEO Audit Report | Sun Media Technologies


Technical Domain Auditing

There are certain parameters to identify the value, authenticity and effectiveness of any website. We start with analysing your domain. Here we check the impression of your website domain on search engine with various parameters and factors like page rank, domain authority, page authority, back links, out bound links, do follow links, domain age, alexa rank and social media presence. We give equal importance to social media with SEO. We merge both techniques to create powerful SEO Campaigns.

On-Page & Off-Page Factors Analysis

Here we check, where your website stands on the SEO scale. We perform in depth analysis of your website to see on page SEO parameters first. We emphasis on every minute details like your website menu, navigation, URL structure, Website content, design, structure, color theme, call to action, opt in forms, product presentation, use of images etc. We also check your website closely if it has any serious errors or any immediate changes required. We measure your website with the Google EYE as well as any visitors eye both. While checking your website with Off page SEO scale, we note the current backlink stat and the type of websites linking to you. On the basis of that, we plan and suggest off page seo activities for your website marketing.

Keyword Analysis & Strategy

We do detailed keyword research to find out potential keywords for you. We provide you list of all keywords which are matching your products and services. Along with keywords, we also provide you monthly search volume and your current standing on specific keywords on Search Engine. We follow manual process for keyword research so that we give you most reliable and accurate data. We also give you separate list of keywords for your geographical location. One the basis of keyword analysis, you can decide the keywords you want us to work on.

Competitor Auditing

If you know, what strategy is working for your competitor, you have won the half battle. We make the battle easier for you as we want you to WIN always. We give you a separate report called competitors analysis with all the major points working for them. Wow!!! feeling like a winner already? Well, we have many more things for you.

Content And Outreach Strategy

Everyone knows, Content is a King. To sustain and win in future, you need effective content on your website and for your brand. We analyze your current content and offer you suggestions to improve further. We scale your content with technical and conceptual parameters so that you get the actual picture.

Brand Reputation Management

The brand is everything! People recognize you from the brand. The better branding you create, the better reputation you can have. We do reputation management to see your brand value and on the basis of that we offer you online branding services.

Social Strategy Integration

If you are not on social media, you are missing the business. Yeah, that the truth. Social media is no longer about personal talk and chat. Social Media platforms are powerful mediums to create brand awareness online. Let your brand to meet people on social media. Let people know, who you are on social media. We integrate Social media with SEO to give you whole Big Picture with breakthrough results.

Measuring Data & Reporting

Last but not the least, we measure everything closely. We check everything and prepare reports. The reports by us are always engaging and accurate. The reports which we prepare for you can give you complete idea about where your company stands online and how bright is the future.