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11 May Mobile Apps Development Under The Neath

qMobile application development industry has taken the world by storm. Wondering how? Well, let us show you some interesting numbers. The approx world population is 7 Billion And with this population, you have 1.4 Billion Mobile Applications already available in the market!! Magnificent right?

These numbers are enough to show us the future of the mobile application development industry. It is going to be more brighter, popular and powerful in the next days. The reason behind this growth is the popularity of the internet and it is increasing day by day. Every year mobile internet use is rising by 66%. And the strange thing is, a recent analysis shows that people spend more time on mobile applications than mobile web browsing. The interesting numbers from this study shows that on an average people spend 94 minutes with various mobile applications compared to 72 minutes for mobile web browsing. So, it’s all about mobile apps in the future.

If you want to boost your business with the help of technology, you can have your own business mobile application for your customers and consumers. Here are different ways to develop mobile applications with different platforms.

Mobile Applications on iOS:

There is a special fan following for iOS in the world, the people who use iPhone and the iPad to access applications. iOS is a true leader when it comes to the number of applications downloaded from the apple store after the launch. An interesting study shows that after the launch of an application on iOS and Android both, after 35 months; around 15 billion downloads were recorded for iOS where as for Android store, the number was barely 7 billion.

Mobile Applications for Android:

When it comes to the number of applications available on smart phones, nothing can beat Android. It is a leader with maximum number of applications available for download. These mobile apps are broadly divided in categories like business, medical, hobby, fashion, e Commerce, social media and utility tools.

One more reason behind the popularity of Android applications is, it has more free applications available for download. On an average 60% of mobile applications made for Android smart phones are free to download.

Cross Platform Mobile Development using platforms like Titanium and PhoneGap:

Enough wars between iOS and Andorid, now is the time to have a revolution in this area. Think about cross platform mobile application development. All thanks to breakthrough technologies like Titanium and PhoneGap. Let’s have smarter applications with rich user interface and interactions. Cross platform mobile application platforms are free. Single code is enough to build mobile apps for iOS and Android.

No matter which business you are in, It is now or never. Get the appropriate mobile apps for your business and increase the possibility of grand success for your products and services.

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