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16 May Magento Has Been Proven to be Boon for eCommerce Sites

qRunning an eCommerce business means strategizing and organizing a number of things. Doing this is not simple if the base is not well-built. These days business owners are gazing for enhanced platforms for their eCommerce websites as a strong base. This would make certain the goal of catering to their customers in a quicker, proficient and prolific way.

Stimulating with this test and anticipation of businessmen, developers are taking the  assistance from Magento eCommerce development to form better performing eCommerce websites. Being an open source licensing form, it can be downloaded by any developer. After which, any clever champ  can be used to get an exclusive result as claimed by the clients.

Here few numbers that will clearly show how Magento is helpful for eCommerce Site Development:

  • 1/3 of shoppers access price information by means of mobile device while in stores
  • 62% want the capability to make returns in-store
  • 47% of online transaction use free shipping
  • 80% of store shoppers check prices online
  • There are 400 Magento solution partners globally
  • 100 new stores are added a month on the Magento enterprise edition
  • 1,25,000 brands and businesses trust Magento world-wide

If somebody wonders as to why Magento eCommerce development has gained so much popularity or even the attention of the e-commerce website developers, here are some of the advantages of Magento


Depending upon the dimension, necessities and finances of every business, the suppleness of Magento can be exploited to acquire the edition-based solutions. For instance ‘Magento Go’ suits petite businesses, while ‘Magento Enterprise’ serve up medium and large businesses entirely. Several themes and templates offered in Magento are another feature of the same flexibility. Each business has a somewhat exclusive for them.

SEO Edge:

‘Magento SEO’ has resolved numerous issues by assisting better optimization of e-commerce site.It supports features such as  Page traffic, copy content, landing page, indexing, etc are proficiently controlled for a website developed by means of Magento.

Shopping Cart:

Magento shopping cart development facilitates customers to pursue the bit by bit procedure for buying the preferred product. Additionally to offer customers various options, a business can pick from nearly fifty payment gateways to incorporate with its Magento eCommerce website.

Multiple Store Management:

Prior to Magento, running numerous stores from the solo administrative panel was either awkward or tiresome. On the other hand, now with Magento each store can be set up noticeably with its exclusive product catalogue. Operating and managing online business 24-7 has turn out to be tranquil by means of many such advantages.

On Mobile:

In the mobile epoch, Magento Mobile will institute a gratifying brand experience for clients who make use of their smart phones as well as mobile devices to connect anytime and anywhere.

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