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The power of Visual Communication is much higher than whatever you present or express in Text. Visual presentation of anything last in memory more than anything. These days, with innovation in marketing techniques, infographics are used to present complex text, image and graphical data. With powerful social media networks like, Pinterest and Instagram, the new doors opened for Visual Marketing. Infographic Design is a powerful medium for Visual Marketing for any company or brand.

What is InfoGraphic?

Infographic is a Visual presentation of information with the use of both text and graphics. Infographic is mostly made with research based data to show some concrete results and facts. However, these days, Infographic is also used to present text based information, funny conversation and DIY tricks. The word “Infographics” was initially used in 2004 and since then it is getting popular day by day. These days, it has become an important part of content creation and marketing for companies and organizations.

Why InfoGraph?

  • It is the best way to present hard facts and analytical data
  • The fact says, brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text
  • During the two years 2010 to 2012, Search Volume of “Infographics” increased by 800% and now it is even more.
  • The posts with Infographic generates more traffic than posts with only text
  • Utilizing Infographic can bring Search Engine Optimization Benefits too
  • You can use Infographic on various social media platforms for Branding
  • Well researched and attractively made InfoGraphic can go Viral

Infographic Design Service by Sun Media Technologies

We identified Infographics as a key marketing tool in the current age. With various applications in all different industries like, Retail, Fashion, Website Design, IT, Social Media, Health Care, Mobile Apps, Beauty, Finance, Restaurants and foods; Infographics is rapidly growing day by day. At Sun Media Technologies, we have Infographics designers who offer world class Infographic Design. We are one of the pioneer Infographic design agency based in India who offer the best Infographs world wide. We have worked with dozen of companies to create Info-graphics as per their requirement.

Our Methodology and Process

We start with in depth research and the things you want to cover in designing Infographics. We will actually hear the objective behind marketing Infographics from you so that, we can design what you are looking for. After that we do deep analysis about the research, facts and case studies done in that specific area. If you have researched information ready with you, you can provide us that too. You can also tell us some theme you want us to follow or the color combinations you want us to consider. Rest we will proceed with powerful graphics, visuals, graphs, charts and text to give you the best Infographic.

Creating infographic and using it as a marketing tool is more an investment than a spending! Interested to get one?