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An engagement model for project development is most often determined after initial project discussion or as per preference by the client. A client selects a particular engagement model as per his/her project requirements, ease and ideal work pattern.

Benefits that engagement models brings:

  • Service as per client project requirement
  • Consistent support
  • Value proposition
  • Streamlining of processes
  • Transparency during development and complete understanding of service to be rendered
  • Optimal use of resources

At Sun Media Technologies we understand that every project has different requirements, needs and complexity. To make sure that we provide our service in such a way that best suits our customers, we offer three engagement models by which we endeavor to reduce cost and capitalize on service satisfaction for our clients.


This engagement model works for clients who are very much clear about their requirements of the project. The model is preferential by clients who don’t wish to get involved totally in the execution process and would like the hired development company to take full responsibility of the processes.

This engagement model is also one of the most commonly used business model, this is ideal when you want to make sure, you want the estimated costs to be known upfront before investing a dime. The caveat here is that it demands complete clarity and a well-defined scope to provide correct estimates on budget and timeline.

Choose this model if :

  • The anticipated duration of the project is low
  • Project requirements are unlikely to change
  • Project execution is governed by very tight budgetary and financial constraints
  • You don’t wish to get involved in the development process and just timely progress updates would be sufficient for you to monitor the project progress.

Our Approach for Fixed Price Model

During the initial phase of interaction, requirements are discussed and we will create the scope of work for you in case you don’t have documented it yourself. We might ask you several questions to clarify the scope and you might end up exchanging several emails or phone calls before there is a final scope document or BRD in place which is good enough to estimate the efforts to develop the project requirements. You might feel too much to invest time with us in defining the scope but the more you work on it and ensure everything is covered the more accurate estimates you will receive.


  • Based on finalized business requirements document, a detailed proposal is submitted to the client along with time frame and cost estimate.
  • After covering every feature, development team will handle the project as decided and work is started.
  • Client is updated about the project progress on regular, weekly or half month basis or as discussed in the initial phase of discussions.
  • The design, development, quality assurance and all other project related activities are competently managed, clearly communicated and perfectly delivered.
  • On completion of the final deliverable, acceptance testing, deployment, user training and handover is carried out at the client server if required.
  • After release, Sun Media Technologies provides post-delivery services, as desired by the clients.
  • Clients who believe in this model; can directly go ahead and fill our Request for Quote form and our Sales Team will contact you soon.

This Hire Dedicated Resource model best suit the requirement of the client who want have total control of their project and resources. The client is provided with a dedicated team that takes care of every aspect of the project at hand.

Choose this model if :

  • You want total take full control of development process
  • Project to be developed and implemented will require ongoing versioning & functionality enhancements
  • Best suits for the projects that do not have a defined scope at the beginning of the development
  • The nature of project is along the lines of one that requires our resources and acquires expertise in a domain or required vertical
  • Customers who are looking at long-term benefits from offshore outsourcing
  • Do not want to get into hiring employees, hardware deployment and want to save office space, rent, hardware cost and other expenses

How it works 

  • By choosing a Hire Dedicated resource model, you will be getting experienced and skilled resources dedicatedly working on your single or multiple projects
  • As with other engagement models you will be assigned a project manager to keep the lines of communication clear
  • You can provide us initial requirements which could be either an idea or a concept, or a loose ended scope or feature list. Based on the initial requirements and your ideal time to market, we will allocate a team with resources best suited to do the job
  • You have the full flexibility to change the strength of the team
  • The team will report directly and regularly to you and you have full control over all aspects of the project including source code rights
  • We will monitor the project progress and quality standards and step in whenever necessary
  • The team is made as per client’s requirements and needed skill sets
  • Required know-how and expertise can vary depending on the project requirements.

Last but not least, there is also a Time and Material (T&M) engagement model. Sometimes clients are not sure about the requirements and there are some possibilities of changes in project specification, designing and other features.

At such times, this T & M Model works best as client can go back to ask changes as per his/her needs. It is something similar to the pay as you go model that is ever more used in cases where it is not possible to estimate a project or fixing bugs in an existing website or application or in those cases where the requirements are so dynamic that they keep on changing. The amount that you need to pay will depend on the time that the developer/designer spends on completing the project.

Choose this model if :

  • Want to resolve bugs/errors in existing project
  • Best fits maintenance project
  • Projects where the requirements or technology is so unique that it is not possible to estimate the efforts
  • You have ongoing work for existing projects
  • Requirements, features and specifications are bound to change
  • Considering the complexities & feasibility issues, project duration cannot be determined
  • Working on hourly basis suits your needs/requirements


How it works

  • In Time & Material Model project can be started quickly, without waiting for a detailed specification. The changes in project scope can be easily made in any phase of the development process
  • Client is kept informed about the progress of the project
  • Client can buy hour slot of their choice and needs to pay for that
  • Client can utilize the purchased hours slot on agreed project up to certain time duration
  • Client will receive transparent hours log for any specific task and quick turnaround to accomplish the given task
  • If you are not sure about which engagement model to select then, requesting a quote would be the most appropriate option to assist you further