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With years of experience in the industry, we proudly like to call ourselves as specialists of eCommerce SEO. It is extremely tough to do SEO for eCommerce than any other website because of the wide range of factors associated with it. However, we specialize in this one and only area to help generate organic search traffic which is the key to success. Here are six things that eCommerce SEO services do wrong. Know how we could help you fix it.

Six Factors that affect an eCommerce Website’s Performance

Lack of Content

Over 90 percent of eCommerce websites get penalized by Panda because they lack necessary content and keywords. Most product and category pages hardly has any content which makes it difficult for Google to identify a product. In order for a keyword phrase to rank, it needs to be there amongst other content.

Copied Content

Many stores online sell the same products and store owners choose to copy the description from the manufacturer’s website. From Google’s perspective, it is copied/ duplicate content. The search engine ranks only one website at a time and penalizes every other site that uses copied content.

Panda Errors

Being an eCommerce SEO Company India, we come across the most absurd Panda errors and websites getting penalized by the search engine. It happens all the time! The errors could be of varying levels from copied meta description, tags for different color variants of same products or sometimes over optimizing a page with too many keywords.

Loading Speed

Have you heard about Google page speed score? If your eCommerce site don’t hit the green bar, it’s not going to get ranked. We are here to assist you tweak the website, get rid of the errors and speed up loading times so that a visitor could access it quickly to buy what they want.

Gaining Authority

You could sell leather coats or fancy shoes but the fact is everyone else does the same. With so many websites selling similar products, it is important for a website to gain authority with quality inbound links. Our eCommerce SEO Consultant specializes in doing individual researching to help you get quality content and links from industry leaders.

Website Structure

It’s not just p=793? on a URL that hurts the most but there are so many other things related to a website’s structure that could hurt search engine optimization. Allow us to help you find what’s been confusing Google so far. We have profound knowledge and proven ways to build the perfect site structure for your eCommerce establishment.

Our Approach towards Optimizing Ecommerce Websites

1) In-depth Evaluation

A good eCommerce SEO agency always begins by focusing on the existing problems. That’s what we do! Our team spends time to evaluate the website and fix all the errors. It’s purely focused on-page where load speed, duplicate content, under optimization and everything related is taken into account. We add or remove keywords to make pages Panda friendly, optimize images which are usually many and can even generate original content if your website needs some.

2) Efficient Implementation

Once the SEO for eCommerce is properly done on the website, the next step is to find authoritative links and the most relevant content that is popular on social media. We create impressive content that demands attention, combine it with paid ad campaigns and get the much needed authority on the web. Our technique is reliable and will bring your website to the forefront through thought leaders in your industry.

3) Profound Analysis

The phase begins once the basics of search engine optimization is efficiently done. Everything right from improving content quality, populating the right keywords to promoting organic traffic will be complete which is when the eCommerce SEO expert steps in analyze the success rate and find innovative ways to boost the ongoing campaigns.

4) Conversion and Reach

If you think that the job ends once errors are fixed and traffic starts pouring, you are wrong. An efficient eCommerce SEO service provider will continue to convert those thousands of daily visitors into longtime customers. Convincing them to buy your products, share your site with their friends and increase social media engagement are the things we focus on next.

Why you should let Sun Media Technologies optimize your eCommerce store?

Handling eCommerce website SEO is an exceptionally difficult and complicated job. But, our major share of optimization is done on online stores and we specialize in this area. We don’t just fix errors or write new contents for your store but we also take responsibility to increase overall traffic & revenue for the eCommerce Store.

Sign us up, experience our quality eCommerce SEO Services India and if you are not satisfied, you can quit. There are no binding contracts here! However, our customer retention rate is 96 percent which stands proof to the fact that we convince them to sign a contract, not on paper but with our quality

We don’t just do our jobs but much more than that. Our eCommerce SEO Solutions render 12 to 1 return on investment for our clients. The thing is, we are not an SEO company but an eCommerce SEO Agency and know the complexities of the industry. To put it simply, we make it work every time for you.

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