Custom Website Design & Development Process | Sun Media Technologies



Requirement Analysis & Consulting

Requirements analysis is critical to the success of any web or mobile app project. We will ask you a set of questions to understand your project requirements better and allow you to share your idea in details, so we can finalize the project scope. This phase is basically the brainstorming phase because it has the many sub stages for like feasibility analysis stages to check how much idea can put into action for development. Based on our experience and discussion with you, we offer you a reasonable proposal along with the estimated price & timeline.


Wireframing a website or mobile application before you start actual design is a fantastic communication tool that allows clients to visualize the architecture of their new project. The ideas have been brainstormed and now it is time to create mock-ups. Wireframes are simple black and white layouts that outline the specific size and placement of page elements, site features, conversion areas and navigation for your web site. The wireframes are the foundation on which to begin building.


This process starts with the close interaction between the design team and the client where our team learns about the project in details and takes each and every single design element into consideration to deliver creative design as per client expectations. The design and layout of a website or mobile application should not just enforce branding, but be structured correctly – which will engage your visitors coming back for more.


It is the logical part of the development process. In this phase lots of brains are working for coding and get the final successful result for the software. The work is subdivided under a sub-phase called task allocation, where each task depending on nature of work is assigned to different coder, so the development process is working faster.

For Mobile Application development, we create web-services that are, usually, an interface between the backend and the apps. These services are created for feeding data into the applications.

Usability Standards & Testing

Usability testing is comprised of learnability, memorability, efficiency, satisfaction and errors. Learnability is how easy it is for a new user to accomplish tasks the first time they visit your website. Memorability is how easy it is for someone to come back to using your website after they haven’t used it for a period of time. Efficiency is how quickly users can complete tasks on your site after they are familiar with its use. Satisfaction is whether users enjoy the design of your site and errors refers to the number of errors users make when they use your site, the severity of the errors and how easy they are to recover from. We use hallway testing wherein we use random people to test the website rather than people who are trained and experienced in testing websites. This method is particularly effective for testing a new website for the first time during development.

When the website is ready it is sent to the Testing & QA Department where quality analyst tests it thoroughly for different errors by forming various test cases. Once the testing department and quality analyst makes sure that the application is error-free then it goes to the next stage. So the testing process is complete when the entire testing module is complete.


This is the final phase of the software development life cycle. In this stage; the website or application runs on various systems/servers by users and clients. If it runs smoothly on these systems without any fault, then it is considered ready to be launched. Our team does the configuration settings on the server as per the requirements of the software and put them on live. If any issue found during this phase, it is straightaway addressed to the QA team. Deployments are performed in batches or individually depending on client requirements, manually or based on a schedule agreed with client. You can choose an interval or opt for a daily, weekly or monthly deployment.

Post Development Support

Sun Media Technologies helps to meet the challenge of ongoing website, application maintenance and support with a range of services designed to significantly lower their maintenance costs and ensure timely response and guaranteed service levels. Sun Media Technologies supports its clients to focus primarily on their core ingenuities by providing consistent, high-quality software/application support and maintenance services to them and their end customers. Our team of technology expertise addresses various needs of the customers.

The website, software or application maintenance services offered are for:

1) An existing website/software needs ongoing support and maintenance service

2) To take-over half-completed development source code along with post-development support and maintenance

3) End-to-end service for managing the entire website/software development lifecycle